Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baldwin City Gravel Grinder????

Updated 1/8/10:

We have only one taker so far for tomorrows planned Baldwin City Gravel Grinder ride. Mr. Pot Pie ponied up but everyone else is hunkering down for the record cold temps that await us.

The weather looks to be improving and the roads have all been plowed for next weeks Paola Gravel Grinder. We have a great route planned so make sure you put next Sunday(1/17/10) on your ride calendar. More info coming soon.....

Who is up for a gravel grinder ride on Saturday? It will be "colder than a well diggers ass" but if anyone else is game we will have the ride. Let us know and we will make arrangements for the Baldwin City Gravel Grinder. The route is ready to ride, we just need some riders to make it happen and maybe some studded ice tires.....

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