Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Margarita Ride


Here are a few photos from today: 2017 Margarita Ride Photos.

Despite the cold weather, our lady riders came ready for some gravel fun and adventure.  Not to mention a few margarita's after the ride.

Did I mention it was cold?  Gerard gives his preride instructions as we all bundle up in from of our main sponsor Antiques on the Prairie.

We had plenty of couples riding with us today. Always good to see them having fun together.

Gerard leads out the fast rider group.  It was hard to keep all contained until the city limit sign especially Rod.

Halloween through the holiday season is always a fun time to ride. Love seeing everyones creations.

Music man put away his camera and came out to ride with us today.   Loved the tunes Roger!

We caught this young lady riding off course.   I yelled notifying her that she was off course but she said she had places to go as do I.  See everyone in two weeks.

Our first event (planning on 6 to 8 this year btw) is this weekend.  Gerard always hosts fun rides out of Baldwin City.  Details below.

Gerard will have 50 route maps.  Each of these maps will have coupons from Daylight Espresso

Join the event on FB: The Margarita Ride

If you are into the digital world, Sam Coleman created the following for you:

Margarita Ride - 17 mile:

Margarita Ride - 35 mile: