Monday, October 30, 2017

Tour de Chicken Creek

Join the Lawrence Bicycle Club on Sunday, November 5, for our annual Tour de Chicken Creek gravel grinder.
Start time:  8:30 a.m.  Please note that daylight savings ends on that day.
Start Location:  Lawrence Riverfront Park, west of the Tee Pee junction, which is the intersection of 59 and 24/40 highways (E1450 and N1800) in North Lawrence.  To get to the park, go west over the levee and down toward the river.  (Note:  Google maps for ‘Riverfront Park’ will NOT get you to the right place.)
Length:  21 and 40 mile options
Registration:  $5 cash or check day-of registration only
The route will be similar to the 2016 route.  The ride no longer follows the Chicken Creek south of town but we’ve kept the name in honor of some past epic rides.
There will be one SAG with snacks and water. The roads are hard-packed, with a rolling hills and limited motor traffic.