Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gravel News Shorts - 12/20/11

Friday is our big holiday ride of the season - 2nd Annual Festivus of Nights. We will again be holding a contest for the best lighting display on your bike and/or person. Prizes will be announced Thursday so check back. Competition will take place during the first mile of the ride. Winners announced by the turn around so that all can celebrate with their favorite beverage.

We have received many questions about our Festivus ride. Such as...What type of bike is required? The Little Blue Trace trails can be ridden with any bike. A mtb/cross bike would be best, but any bike is o.k. Another question is will I be able to keep up on my full suspension mountain bike? Festivus is about showing "feats of strength" no mater the type of bike you have. Seriously, any bike is o.k. We will have two routes available and two levels of groups. A - faster group, B - Recreational level. Are lights required? It is suggested that a front light be used and at a minimum a rear reflector.

Route map is below. We have two options with both leaving at 6:00 pm. Option 1 (25 total miles) is the full out-back route to the Blue Mills Road trail head. Option 2 (16 total miles) is a ride out to the M-78 shelter and back. Both routes are out-back.

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  1. I miss gravel. Wisconsin doesn't have any due to the requirements of dairy farming. Milk will go bad if trucks/plows can't get to all the B roads out there in the snow.