Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jayhawk Grinder Report

The morning sun had burned the early fog off, but the temps were still a little cold as we rolled out of Johnny's shortly after 0900. Forecast called for a rise in temps, but I think most of us overdressed with one too many base layers.

The first part of the route was flat so we all stayed together and enjoyed a pleasant start to our ride. Two sections of levee brought us over to the trail head for the LRT. The early reports were that the trails were o.k. so he dived in. After a very fun little trip down the LRT we regrouped and headed out to the rolling gravel section of our ride.

A couple of groups formed as the lead riders set a steady tempo. This brought up a conversation in one group that we need to divide up into groups based on ability levels and current training desires. I agree that this is a good idea and plan to have A and B groups at the remaining rides. I volunteer to lead the B group :-)

Another fine gravel grinder in the books. Today's ride was a very nice route which featured I do believe the highest percentage of gravel to date - 85% grave, 10% single track & 5% pave'. Adding a section of the Lawrence River Trails in was very fun. The trails were in great shape and offered plenty of traction for our cross tires.

Pictures from the day:

Below is a quick video of our start.

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  1. Good ride today. I can't believe how much the hills at the end hurt. We did 1102 feet of climbing, mostly after LRT and had an overall moving average of 15.8. Sure felt alot faster than than and my legs are toast now.