Thursday, November 23, 2017

2017 Danny's Delight Gravel Grinder

Post ride....

 Thanks to Danny and Tara Noble for hosting today's ride.  Danny even had a PA, but I still could not hear him.  Maybe I am getting old.

Apparently there are dogs that attack up in Oskaloosa.  One even bit Tara a couple of weeks ago.  Now along with plenty of food Danny carries dog repellent spray.
A strong group got away early.  Those early hills and wind where sure tough.
Roger was out on course today playing his music and having a great time as usual.  His good fortune turn shortly after this picture and he had some tire troubles and had to cut the ride short.
More tire troubles out on the route.  Big ole gravel will do that to you.
I really appreciated the water out on course. 
Tim's stomach was sour the first part of the ride but once we headed back South he put in some strong pulls.  Or maybe it was just the tailwind....

If you liked wind and hills then today's Danny's Delight Gravel Grinder was truly delightful.

We tripled the turnout from last year so evidently gravel grinders do link wind and hills.  Or maybe they came for the post ride chili feed?

Pictures can be found at 2017 Danny's Delight Gravel Grinder Photos

What: 2nd Annual Danny's Delight Gravel Grinder
When: Saturday, December 9, 2017, 9:00 am
Where: Oskaloosa, KS (Start at the City Hall)
Why: Great gravel and chili feed after ride.

Join us on FB: Danny's Delight Gravel Grinder 

City Hall address: 212 West Washington Street). Restrooms will be available @ 8:30 am when it opens. 

NEW THIS YEAR: There will be a chili feed starting at 11 am at the city hall (our start and finish line), this is a fund raiser for a family in Oskaloosa. The organizers of the fund raiser will also be raffling off a refinished dresser the same day. So bring a few bucks... 

 Course maps:

Long course 50 miles (Garmin Connect link)

Short course 26 miles (Garmin Connect link) 


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