Saturday, November 29, 2014

Spoke Pony Gravel Express v3

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Spoke Pony Gravel Express.  One of our most popular rides brought to us again by Tim Greene.

What: Spoke Pony Gravel Express
When: Saturday December 6, 2014 - 9:00 am Start
Where: Gardner, KS

Starting point is 600 New Century Parkway, New Century(Gardner), KS in the Century Link Parking Lot. Right off I 35 and 175th street.

Two routes to pick from.  A 44 mile route which is very simple to follow.  If you are up to the full Spoke Pony challenge then the 57 mile route is for you.   Both course will share roughly the first 29 miles together.  At county road 600 the long route will go right and short route left.  I may reverse the route the day of the ride, based on wind direction and speed.  If we have a strong wind from South we will do route backwards.  Given we are in winter we will most likely have a strong wind from NW and if that is cases we will run the route in normal direction. We can pull into Eudora for a break at 22 miles and pull into Baldwin City if necessary for water.

The full  57 mile route:

Short course 44 mile route:

**Remember, you are responsible for yourself and you ride at your own risk.  You are totally on your own.  There are no rider services.  There is no support. If you choose to participate, you agree to taking full responsibility for what happens to you out on the course.Always follow all traffic laws and rules. Always choose safety first and be prepared.**

Check back for updates


  1. Is it a ride at your own pace?

    1. Yes you ride at your own pace. Usually we divide into several groups - Fast, Slow and Super Slow. I will be in the Slow group.

  2. What kind of gravel is it? Packet or loose?

    Trying to decide if my bike can make it. Really wanting to do these rides!


  3. For the most part the gravel will be pretty smooth. We have in the past hit sections of freshly graded gravel and things were rougher. If you have a mountain bike or cross bike you should be fine. I plan to drive route this week to note anything we need to watch out for and will post back here.

  4. Just found this ride. Added it to the calendar:

    1. saw it on your sight, Ben. pleasant surprise. keep checking the Guru sight for more rides through winter.