Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Dabinawa Report

Something must be in the water over in Lawrence.  Every time we host a ride there we get great turnouts. Today's Lake Dabinawa Gravel Grinder was no exception.  The final count today was 71 riders. That might just be a new record.  Check out the photos from today's ride - Lake Dabinawa Gravel Grinder Photos.

Thanks again to Jeff Arnaud for hosting this very fun ride.  

 Today's ride brought out some first timers and some who have not ridden with us in awhile. 
Our favorite two riders showed up again for more gravel grinding fun.  No matter the conditions they come out and that is why they are true gravel grinders at heart.

Today's ride hit gravel right away.  Well sort of - we heading to the levee from the parking lot.  A short little tricky downhill and we were off riding the levee
Some good views can be had while out gravel grinding.  I like this one in particular - The KAW river to your right and a huge pack of gravel grinders heading out for a days adventure.
The view towards the rear.  With so many riders it is hard to work your way towards the front. 
The cool morning temperatures always makes it hard to dress.  You know you will have to peel off clothing layers soon enough and who wants carry clothing for 3 hours.  This rider  has a great ideal to keep your head warm and be able to store once the temps heat up.
For some reason a handful of riders had bike troubles within the first 5 miles.
Phil will be hosting the SweetLove Gravel Grinder over the upcoming valentines day weekend.  I just love Phil's wool jersey.  I myself wore a wool jersey today - see bottom picture. 
The large early group broke into many small groups based on ability and current fitness level.  I myself enjoyed a fun ride on an awesome winters day. 

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