Monday, January 27, 2014

Chucky's Challenge

**UPDATED - Chucky's Challenge POSTPONED**

From Doug:

As much as it pains me, it could pain me even more if we try to ride on the slick conditions that the national forecast is predicting for our area.  I also don't want to see anyone traveling under the conditions forecasted.
The 57 mile course actually traverses a variety of forecasts with mostly snow on the west side and possible sleet and freezing rain mixed with snow on the east.  I'm also concerned about the aggie gravel roads not being cleared by tomorrow should we get more precipitation tonight.

Time for the 7th Annual Chucky's Challenge is upon us.  Join our friends from Jamesport Missouri for a true classic gravel grinder. This year course will feature 57 miles of buff gravel. The route will utilize the fine ground gravel via Amish buggies, some paved sections, and the rolling hills of the "Green Hills" region.

What: Chuck's Challenge
When: Saturday, February 1st, 2014 - 10:00 am Start
Where: Jamesport, MO
Why: Anyone can ride a trainer on a cold February day, but it takes some courage to brave the weather. Will you come join the fun? Or are YOU Afraid of your shadow?????

If you plan on coming please contact Doug Long - dlong at windjammercable dot net.  CUE sheets will be available and SAG stops will be provided so bring a food bad if you need items SAGed. 

The start is at the 4 way stop downtown Jamesport, MO There is plenty of parking in the lot next to the Jamesport Tavern.

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Map below:

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  1. Thinking about going. I live in Overland Park. Anyone want to carpool.
    Bob Dippold