Thursday, September 16, 2010

Achluophobia Gravel Grinder

Update: We are still a go! Roads are all clear in Stilwell. See everyone tonight. Should be a great night with a nice moonlight night.

What: Tim's Night Gravel Grinder
When: Saturday, 9/25/10, 6:30 pm start time
Where: Stilwell Station - corner of 199th and Metcalf
Who: Anyone that is not afraid of the dark

**Lights are required for this ride**

Do you have Achluophobia - Fear of Darkness? Here is your chance to change that. Visit How to Not Be Afraid of the Dark or just join us for our first night time gravel grinder. Tim Greene will be our ride leader for the evening. He will lead a group at an 15 - 16 mph average. Expected ride time is around 3 hours. Please bring food/water for your journey. A faster group will be forming - more info to follow.

This is a Show-N-Go ride and you are responsible for yourself. Please obey all traffic laws. You are responsible for your own safety.

Here is the route:


  1. Will this ride include a quick water stop? And will the ride leader be on a bike with tires wider than 28's? Thanks.

  2. I don't know which bike Tim will be riding, but I will be on my 29er (1x9).

  3. We don't have a planned water stop. But if you need water, when we hit Woodland and 223 we can break into Spring Hill for water if needed. I have done this ride on 2 bottles though.

    The routs is pretty smooth (for gravel). I will be running 35's, but have been on the route before with a rider on a road bike with 25's. Not ideal, but it worked. You should be ok with 28's.

  4. Thanks for coordinating tonights ride. Now that its getting colder I need to think about packing some more clothes.