Saturday, September 22, 2012

SoJoCo Gravel Night Rides

What: Wednesday SoJoCo Gravel Night Ride
When: Every Wednesday evening in Oct and Nov 2012 @ 6:00pm
Where: Price Chopper at 159th & Mur-Len in south Olathe. 
Why: Good mid-week training for CX racers.  Good off season workouts for roadies & MTB'ers.  Good fun for everyone else. 
*We'll only ride if the weather is forecast to be dry and 40 degrees or higher at the start
*Lights are required in front (white) and back (red).  Very bright light recommended in front.
*Cyclocross bike recommended.  Big tires are good!
*Speed: 15-17 mph at the front (roughly equivalent to 18-20 mph on pavement)
*Typical route -->  (subject to change on the whim of whoever shows up!)
*Distance: 30-40 miles although
*Folks can turn around at any point to reduce mileage as needed
*Updates on our brand new Facebook page (  Be sure to "Like" it and post any questions there.
*Helmets required
*As always, be prepared to support yourself (water, food, tubes, pump, phone, etc.)

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