Monday, January 24, 2011

Belton Gravel Grinder

Ride update and pictures:

This ride was advertised as a tune-up for bigger events to come. Longer distance and a faster pace. Cooler temps greeted us all, which was good because it kept the muddy sections down to a minimum. The wind was the biggest factor today. A strong tailwind made the trip to Drexel quick work, but made the 30+ miles back much harder. Not to mention that crazy squirrel that tried to take Dan out and all those dogs. What's up with all the dogs down in that area? It has been a long time since many of us have ridden nearly 4 hours (except for Tim Greene on his marathon trainer sessions at the gym) and it showed those last 5 miles.

Michel Ruder send us his video from our little gravel adventure.

Here are photos from today's ride.

Belton Gravel Grinder

We take a break locally from our rides with many of us heading up to Chucky's Challenge in Trenton. We resume with Tim's very popular Spring Hill Gravel Grinder on 2/13/11.

What: Belton Gravel Grinder
When: Sunday January 30, 2011, 9:00 am
Where: Hyvee (58 Hwy/S. Mullen Rd)
Why: It is time to start training for Trans Iowa. Get off that trainer and start grinding.
Who: Anyone who has signed up for an endurance challenge in 2011 and needs to get some base miles in.

John Williams is hosting our next GG on his ever popular Belton- Drexel gravel route. This 67 mile route will take us to Drexel, MO for our first (and only) stop of the day at only store in town - Casey's.

The course feature rolling hills and the pace will be moderate. The first 5 miles are road, but then it's all gravel baby!

Course map:

Mr. Williams has reported the route to be in great shape for tomorrows big event. Bring your legs and some cash (for our stop at Casey's) for your last chance to ride before the big storm that is coming first part of week.

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