Sunday, January 19, 2014

The 2014 Mullet Ride Report

The Mullet Ride is the longest running gravel ride in Kansas.  That tradition brought out a record number of gravel grinders for today's ride.
Sadly, not many mullets were actually seen today.  This rider had the only thing that resembled a mullet.  Where are all the mullets when you need them?
Gerard offered a custom made award and free entry into the Bone Bender Mountain Bike race for the rider to reach the top of the first major climb of the day.  None other that Travis Donn took home that honor.

Here is a short piece from today's ride - . We only got footage from the first 10 miles.  Darn camera bracket broke on our bike :-(
Today's ride quickly broke into three groups.  You quickly find your place your place once the gravel and hills arrive.
The wind really picked up about an hour into the ride.   Finding a good wheel to shelter you from the wind was a good practice today.  Where is Tall Brian when you need him????

The gravel out in Baldwin City was mostly fast and smooth.  I talked to many people today that said they were training for an upcoming gravel endurance event.  While the gravel was easy going that wind sure as heck was a good training stimulus.
There are many great endurance athletes here in the Kansas City area.  One of them was Don Daily. He came out today to spin his legs before next weeks big Arrowhead 135.  Check out Don's food bag on his frame.  He will need it for his challenge next week.

Tony reached his goal of cycling 5000 miles last year.  He celebrated by coming out adding 50 miles to his 2014 total which is growing fast.
We had one tandem today.  It handled the gravel really well.  The speed it achieved on the downhills were a little scarey at times especially when there is a sheet of ice on the descent.  Looking forward to more gravel grinders on the tandem for sure.
A huge Thank you needs to go out to Gerard Arantowicz for hosting today's ride.  Gerard has been a fixture in our local cycling community for the past 15 years.  This pic was from the original God's Country Off-road Duathlon.  Anyone guess where the first one was held?

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