Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spoke Pony Recap

First I would like to thank Tim Greene for hosting the Spoke Pony Gravel Express.  I know I had a great time and got to enjoy an afternoon grinding with my friends. 

Photos from the day: Spoke Pony Gravel Grinder Photos.

The Spoke Pony video is at  or click below...

Today's ride started out of Gardner.  After Tim gave us an inspired ride instructions we headed out in hope that the gravel was not has bad as we expected. 
Brett won the award for the best fender.  Those that had fenders got to use them on this day.
It is always fun to see the different setups that show up on ride morning.  I really like this drinking system especially in muddy conditions.  Drinking out of a muddy bottle sucks
The first few miles of gravel were very nice.  Only slight damp, but temps were still kind of cold so the ground was still firm.
A wide variety of colors out on the ride today.  Which rider chose wisely?
I really like today's ride because the main group stayed together for the first hour.  It was nice to ride with a large group.  As Joe Parker said.  This time of year is all about Miles and Smiles.
One good thing about gravel grinding is limited cars. Still, it is nice to wear highly visible clothing with proper signage.
Time was kind enough to bring extra treats in case anyone bonked.  Last year I hit the wall in a bad way and times nut bar saved me.  This year I had a nice cookie waiting for me.
Things got a little sketchy when we hit the first ice rink of the day.  David Mathews hits the ground along with several others. 
Guess who never went down during the day? 
Only one dead rider at the end.  Just kidding.  Michael was just taking a nap after working all night..


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  1. I'd like to thank Mike for getting us lost first thing and.... for not getting unclipped and falling at a major intersection in downtown Gardner. He is always entertaining. (Note: his cleat was loose on his shoe so he couldn't get unclipped.) Thanks, Don Martin.