Saturday, November 19, 2016

Badger Run 2016 Report

Thank you Tim Greene for hosted today's ride.  Tim offered 3 different course depending on your ability level.  Mostly fast rolling gravel.  Pictures can be found at - The Badger Run 2016 Photos and below.

First cold ride (at least for me) of the season.  I spend the morning looking for my cold riding gear that I stored away.

A good mix of riders came out.  Hopefully everyone stayed warm enough during the ride.

Tim leads the way out to the start of the gravel.

 The good think about Spring Hill is that the gravel adventures begin only a few miles from town.

If you have not gotten a pair of these mitts I along with Michael highly recommend them.

Most colorful rider of the day award belongs to this Velo+ team member

The leaders of today's ride killed the course.  They were flying on the way back and having a good time.
Thank you Dave for taking a picture of me.  See you guys in a couple of weeks at Danny's Delight on 12/11/16.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe. 

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