Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Bean Lake Report

First we want to thank everyone who ventured up North to ride the Bean Lake Gravel Challenge.  We have been wanting to hold a ride around the lake for several years.  Finally got done in 2016.  Expect this ride to be a staple on our "Good Times Gravel Tour".
Lots of lonely gravel miles have been put in by this rider.  It was awesome to get so may fellow gravel riders to share the roads with.
Plenty of Fat Bikes out today.   The Fat Boys sure looked like they were rolling along good on the soft snow that we had to deal with during the trip up to Weston.
It is always fun watching a trail full of gravel enthusiast.  

The first section of our route was on the Weston Bluffs Trails.  Overall I think everyone handled the snow pack that was softened up by hikers very well.
Gary it was so nice seeing you today.  You looked good.  Next time I will put down the camera and ride some with you.
The Dirty Dogs were out in force today.  John Porter rolling the fat boys.
It is nice to see so many women out enjoying our rides.  Smiles on most everyone's face today at the beginning.  Maybe not so much out on Mt. Bethel Road.
Shout out to my son Christopher for riding back with me out of Iatan.  My hip was not up for the full challenge today.  We enjoyed a nice ride back and even caught with with Carolynn and Tara on the way back.
Speaking of them, Both Carolynn and Tara did a shorter version of the route and stayed on the West side of 273 - the flat side.  There were still a few little hills that they had to conquer.

2016 Bean Lake Gravel Challenge Photos

The remaining photos are above.  I accidentally dropped my camera and the settings changed.  I only noticed after I took about 30 more photos. Sadly they were some good photos of the route East of 273 - the hilly side.

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