Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spoke Pony Pictures

A terrific turnout for the 3rd Annual Spoke Pony Gravel Express despite some very inhospitable conditions.   Thank you to Tim Greene for hosting a fun event.  Tim offered 3 different courses so there was a route for everyone.

The Dirty Dogs were out in force today.  Dirty Dogs must love the mud.
The largest turnout for a Spoke Pony event.  We had a good group of riders from all disciplines.   The roadies lead the way as we departed.

Once we hit the gravel Tim and John lead the way.  Mr Pot Pie just loves gravel.
The first 15 miles we stayed together is a nice warm pack.  The winds did not pick up until later in the day.

Out on course we took 100 pictures - 2014 Spoke Pony Gravel Express Photos.

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