Saturday, January 12, 2013

Never Lost, but Damn Cold

 Today was Johnny Dotson's first annual Never Get Lost Gravel Grinder out of Endora, KS  A great turnout with plenty of new faces despite the chilly starting temps in the 20's. True to Johnny's word, no one got lost and enjoyed nice paced 30 mile gravel grinders. 

Two main groups formed as expected but the tempo within the groups were very enjoyable and it showed with all the smiling faces I saw throughout the afternoon.

The return trip back to Endora was into the wind and it got a little chilly quick.Nice pace lines developed and made the trip back quick and near painless.

Thank you Johnny for a very fun ride.  We will have to hold more beginner friendly rides/routes because this one was very fun.

Complete Photo album: Never Get Lost Gravel Grinder Photos

Never Lost on YouTube:

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