Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pleasant Hill Thrill Recap

As advertised, the Pleasant Hill Thrill was a thrill.  A fun route that started off nice and flat to get the body warmed up.  What made it especially a thrill was the fact that we got to ride on part of the Rock Island Trail. The Rock will connect Pleasant Hill to Windsor and link us to the Katy Trail.  This will make what I believe is one of the best rails-to-trails projects a true state wide route.  I look forward to the day when I can clip into my pedals on my bike and pedal all the way across the state

Thanks to Don Daly for hosting the ride. Not only did he put together a nice route he marked the entire course for all of us.  Nice touch.

Yes we did encounter more black birds.  It must be this warm winter we are having. 

Some pictures from Sunday's ride

Kevin Nierman's Pleasant Hill Thrill Pics

Chris Locke's views of Pleasant Hill and its gravel goodness.

Video of start below.  It is a little long and loud due to the gravel noise. I would suggest turning down the  volume :-)

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