Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mullets 'n' Mud 'n' Good Times

What is a Gravel Grinder without some Mullets? You are not really doing it correctly if you don't see plenty of mullets or dead squirrels on your gravel grinders. Both were found on Saturday's Mullet Ride hosted by Gerard Arantowics. As advertisted, this gravel grinder was held at a much more relaxed pace which allowed for more social riding and some good times riding the scenic and historic roads of Baldwin City.

We had a good group start today's gravel grinder. Not all completed the ride. Some like, Mark and Joe, joined us for part of the ride then headed back home to complete a long day in the saddle. Some like John Williams were not able to finish the ride due to mechanical failures. You would think someone in the group would have carried a spare chain ring, but noooo....

The majority of the route was on gravel roads. As expected during this time of year they can get a bit muddy. Everyone surprisingly rode the muddy spots like true champions and never missed a pedal stroke. After a few miles the mud had flung off and we were rolling along.

During the ride we visited some interesting sites like Signal Oak, the Battle of Blackjack and we learned about a section of land that produced over 10 million dollars in 10 years from those little oil pumps.

Complete pictures can be found on Cow Town Cycling.

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