Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 Flint Hills Express

 Post ride:

Thank you Rod for the suffering in the wind.   The bus was much appreciated by many.  I especially liked the rest stop with water because I was out by then due to blowing my legs out while taking pictures and fighting those early hills and wind.

Link to photos:

Updated 2/16/18:   Weather is looking great for Sunday.  A little windy by we will take that especially since we can enjoy a tail wind during the second 1/2 of the ride.

Bus is a go.  We have room for about 25-30 people and their bikes.  Art will drive a trailer hauling bikes to Osawatomie.  Short course riders will then jump on the Flint Hills Nature Trail and continue on the course.  First come, first serve.

After the ride please stop by and get your Girl Scout Cookies.  They will be on sale at the park after the ride. 

Danny created a new update Garmin file - see below.

What: 3rd Annual Flint Hills Express
When: Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 10:00 am start
Who: Cow Town Cycling's Rod Hernandez
Where: 223 E. 10th Street, Wellsville, KS 66092
Why: The first gravel grinder this season above 32 degrees.

The route: 48.5 miles with only 1000 feet of climbing. If you are looking for a fun scenic ride with only a little climbing this is for you.

Garmin route: Flint Hills Express Route

New this year:

For those who are looking for a shorter ride and do not like climbing (cough...Carolynn....) we have answered your prayers.  We plan to have a bus onsite to take you to the start of the Flint Hills

The second change is we lost a local business and restrooms will not be available at the Wellsville Market .  Not to worry, we still have the port-a-Jon that Ron provides for us.  Plan accordingly and allow for ample time.

After the ride you can enjoy a delicious local restaurant.  Smokey's BBQ at 410 Main Street will stay open for your convenience.

**Remember, you are responsible for yourself and you ride at your own risk.  You are totally on your own.  There are no rider services.  There is no support. If you choose to participate, you agree to taking full responsibility for what happens to you out on the course.Always follow all traffic laws and rules. Always choose safety first and be prepared.**

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